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Founder's Day Celebration: Awareness Webinar on Decrypting Deepfake

Objectives of the Activity To provide participants with a clear understanding of what deepfake technology is and how it works. To explain the potential risks and negative impacts associated with the use of deepfakes. To increase awareness about the prevalence of deepfake content and its potential to deceive individuals and manipulate public perception. To highlight real-world examples of deepfake incidents and their consequences. To identify Characteristics of Deepfakes: To teach participants how to recognize common characteristics and signs of deepfake content, including visual artifacts, unnatural movements, and inconsistencies. To provide practical tips on how to distinguish between authentic and manipulated media. To discuss the various ways in which deepfake technology can be misused, including in misinformation campaigns, identity theft, and online harassment. To share insights into the evolving landscape of deepfake applications. To introduce participants to tools and techniques for detecting deepfake content. To explore the role of technology, AI, and machine learning in both creating and countering deepfakes.