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School of Engineering

The conventional educational program offered by large number of engineering schools across the nation, for the most part, misses the mark regarding focusing on structure, quality, framework incorporation, imaginative reasoning and critical thinking abilities, just as other expository and relational aptitudes. The outcome is that the vast majority of the graduating engineers are regarded unemployable

Gaining such attributes is impossible with our customary, inactive, classroom based learning and exam intensive – degree oriented structure.

A new engineering education paradigm is needed, characterized by active, project based learning, horizontal and vertical integration of subject matter, presentation of numerical and logical ideas with regards to application; close association with industry; expansive utilization of data innovation; and a faculty committed to evolving emerging professionals as mentors, rather than as all-knowing dispensers of information.

ADYPU – School of Engineering depends on this vision to prepare graduates to address the issues of the engineering industry and meet the desires of our society from engineers to catapult India to next generation of excellence. The engineering program is curated to give students the broadness of data and training needed to be promptly beneficial in their first employment. We believe this is the new age engineering education for the 21st Century.