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M.Tech in Digital Health and Innovation

Duration: 2 Years

Eligibility: Passed Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in the relevant field. Obtained at least 50% marks (45% marks in case of candidates belonging to reserved category) in the qualifying examination.

Computers, smart phones, software, innumerable gadgets are at the center of today’s human life. Life without computers is impossible. The presence of computer technology in each field has made it highly imperative and indispensable. From our drawing rooms to gigantic business houses, from street corner restaurants to space research stations, from hospitals to defense establishments, computer technology is teeming with ground-breaking possibilities and innovations.

M. Tech. students learn advanced techniques in computer and hardware engineering and its vast area of applications. In this course, students will not only learn various advanced concepts in computer programming languages and computer system technologies, but they would also investigate complex problems through research and would also effectively utilize appropriate modern engineering tools to find innovative solutions. M. Tech. students conduct research, analyze complex problems, design and develop variety of software, carry out software testing, and build complex programming-based architectures.

Computer engineering is a very vast discipline which consists of several important components which include building programming architectures, designing computer hardware systems, developing peripheral equipments used for business, military, scientific applications, maintaining and building IT infrastructures for different types of organizations, designing intranet and internet security systems, designing new software computer programs, developing and using artificial intelligence in various applications, and many more. Computer engineering is the discipline of consistent innovations, dynamic thinking, and 360 degree approach.

Our M. Tech. program in Computer Engineering offers you specializations in digital communication and Software engineering. The program delivers you knowledge of several advanced and research-based concepts involving vide and intricate industry applications. Students avail of several opportunities to learn in many modes, which include excellent class-room instruction by experienced professors, real-life programming projects, laboratory experiments and illustrations, workshop by industry experts and industry internships. At ADYPU, the students get to learn the concepts both in class-room based setting and they also learn by working on real-time industry challenges.

The Program

ADYPU School of Engineering offers you a unique program in M. Tech. Computer Engineering designed to make you an engineer of globally recognized standards. The program offers time-tested, standards-based curriculum, based on international framework.

The students learn advanced computer system technologies with the application of mathematical skills coupled with algorithmic principles. In addition, they also get an opportunity to understand and work computer science theory. Programming, Analysis, Design and Modeling are emphasized throughout the curriculum. This is the key differentiator of ADYPU Computer Engineering program. Design is consistently integrated with all other components at each step, which makes the program stand out. The project work imbibes in the student professional aspects of engineering including teamwork, proficiency in oral and written communications.

The school environment is open, relaxed and interactive so as to enable exchange of new ideas and gain a wealth of knowledge. The school is a perfect place for connections, knowledge and tools that you would need to transform yourself into an engineer of a global caliber and successfully embark on a solid career path.


M. Tech. students acquire high-end technical skills required for immediate entry into industry. M. Tech. Computer engineers are in great demand in multiple sectors. They can get jobs like Project managers, Software developers and architects, System Administrators, Software Testing Engineers. Computer engineers are employed in almost all different sectors in industry in addition to IT companies. Sectors like Technical Education, Agricultural Technology, Manufacturing, Automobile Engineering, Aerospace, Energy, Aviation, Banking and Finance, Hospitals, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing have a great demand for computer engineers and programmers.