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Rise of AI

Objectives of the Activity • To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of AI • To make students aware of the impact of AI on various aspects of society. • To spark interest and enthusiasm among the students about AI. • To encourage students to develop skills in AI, machine learning, and related fields • To highlight the job opportunities and the importance of AI skills in the job market. • To discuss emerging trends in AI and their potential implications. Execution of Activity: A token of Felicitation to our guest was done by Mr. Anant More Speaker discussed how AI is shaping the world on a global scale, including international collaborations and competition. Speaker provided Real-World Applications/examples of AI applications in different fields, from healthcare and finance to entertainment and transportation. There was questions and answers session for open discussion. At the end vote of thanks was given. Outcomes • Students gained a better understanding of AI applications. • Students became more aware of the significance of AI in today's world. • Students were motivated to explore AI-related topics further. • Students developed awareness of AI technologies • Students were encouraged to consider AI-related career paths and to develop relevant skills to stay competitive in the job market. Students gained insights into how AI can be used strategically in decision-making, leading to better-informed choices in various contexts.