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Expert Talk on Intellectual Property Rights : Patents and Copyrights

Objectives of the Activity  To recognize the importance of IP and to educate the pupils on basic concepts of Intellectual Property Rights.  To identify the significance of practice and procedure of Patents.  To understand the statutory provisions of different forms of IPRs in simple forms.  To learn the procedure of obtaining Patents, Copyrights, Trade Marks &Industrial Design Execution of Activity: The online session started at 10.00 am sharp. Introduction of Speaker was done by Ms. Pooja Dehankar. Speaker gave in-depth information about Intellectual Property Rights : Patents and Copyrights. It was very informative and interesting session. Last 10 minutes were given for asking questions to speaker. The online session ended at 11.30 am. Vote of Thanks was given. Thus session was successfully completed. Outcomes  Participants got a clear idea of various forms of IPRs.  Participants got knowledge about statutory provisions to protect particular form of IPRs.  Participants understood responsibilities of holder of Patent, Copyright, Trademark, and Industrial Design etc.  Participants could develop skill of making search using modern tools and technics.